Bullies are wooly
They are not funny
Bullies are big and fat and mean
They do not smile
Bullies write you mean notes
They eat messy food in bed and wipe it on the blanket
Bullies are smelly
They pick at sores and scabs and wipe it on you
Bullies break things
Bullies don’t take care of things
Bullies yell at you
They don’t know how to be nice
They only care about themselves
They are greedy
They are nasty
They blame it on you


  1. wow

    big and fat and mean. wow. not anymore!!!!!!!!!!

    • kendyce

      an adult bully is not like a child. the image of “wiping food in the blankets” describes ruining what is sacred. “picking at sores and scabs and wiping pus on you” attempts to describe the feeling of being soiled by another. what words describe a bully better than big, smelly, yelling, mean, greedy, nasty….

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